How have advances in data analytics technology impacted farming trends?

Recent and sophisticated digital devices and data science made it possible to collect and analyze large amounts of agricultural data sets to help farmers, agronomists and professionals to better understand agricultural tasks and make better decisions. Data science in agriculture: saving farmers' lives Are there any other uses of data science in agriculture that you would like to add? Share them in the comments section. Thanks to recent advances in drone technology, the Internet and data analysis, automation has reached amazing new levels. Farmers use drones with advanced sensors to inspect their crops, update their data and notify them of areas that need improvement.

As technology continues to advance, it is to be expected that drones will move from topography to sowing and harvesting. Collecting data on a farm is more complicated than collecting data in a strictly office-based company, because the key data of a farm can come from places that humans can't physically go to or from conditions where humans can't see. The traditional agricultural calendar is no longer sufficient due to extreme climate changes, but data analysis can revolutionize the future of agriculture.

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