What are the emerging farming trends in asia?

This vision of the market will highlight key technological developments in the field of agriculture and the enabling technologies that will transform the future of agriculture. It will also analyze the main challenges faced by farmers, such as the depletion of water supplies, with a focus on agriculture in Asia-Pacific. The main conclusions of this market vision include disruptive technologies in precision agriculture, crops and agricultural water management systems. By implementing the platform, IBM intends to herald an era of intelligent agriculture and precision agriculture that promises more profitable and efficient farms.

While indoor vertical farms can help reuse space for agriculture, all farms still need human energy. By bringing farms to buildings and using vertical space to grow crops, indoor farms maximize the agricultural potential of countries with limited land for food production. Other start-ups, such as Indoor Farm Factory Innovation, are focusing on developing technologies and systems to refine the indoor cultivation process. Some of these farms, such as Sustenir Agriculture and Artisan Green, have already implemented vertical agriculture, producing fresh herbs and salad leaves in buildings in the city.

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