What are the most popular methods of crop protection today?

Some of them include crop rotation, planting disease-resistant crops, quarantining affected plants and deep plowing. Thanks to modern technology, farmers can protect their crops by analyzing temperatures, humidity and soil conditions. Crop protection combines strategies, tools and products that protect against various pests. These include diseases, viruses, weeds, and insects.

All of them can significantly reduce plants or even kill them. The best decision is to control the situation by reducing risks rather than dealing with the consequences of the problem. Crop protection allows farmers to monitor climate change and timely detect the onset of dangerous weeds, pests or diseases. Seed treatments are coatings for seeds that can be applied before planting to help protect them from pests and diseases.

They help farmers to sow early and increase their yields, while allowing cover crops to reduce soil erosion. Seed treatments use a bright color, such as red, purple, blue, or bright green, so it's very obvious if the seed has been treated. Syngenta herbicides can prevent or eliminate weeds to replace or reduce manual or mechanical weed removal. This reduces cultivation, which can help prevent soil erosion and water loss.

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