What different styles of farming are used in africa?

Main agricultural systems in sub-Saharan Africa Irrigated cultivation system. A global trend is that urbanization leads to the consolidation of land size as people leave rural areas, allowing for mechanized agriculture on a larger scale. Mechanized agricultural machinery, such as tractors and harvesting machines, is generally only found on large commercial farms that produce cash crops for export. This allows us to develop an agricultural typology for the selected countries and regions and to systematically characterize agricultural households in intravenous routes in West Africa.

Capture agricultural diversity at the regional level to improve the assessment of the farm-level impact of sustainable development options. Therefore, the variation in farm size within the four types of farms was large, as was the variation in incomes and potential food availability. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the indicators of agricultural households by region and types of farms. Household cash income was calculated based on income received by agricultural households in the form of cash from the sale of agricultural products, food crops, livestock sold, wild food collected and sold, and non-agricultural activities, as reported by farmers.

By contrast, agricultural households in the third quarter seemed to be the most food-insecure of all types of farms in all other regions. It was notable that households derived their income mainly from agricultural activities, especially herbaceous agriculture. An agricultural typology is developed and agricultural households are characterized by respect to demographic, agricultural, economic and institutional indicators.

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